Introduction to Universal Jobmatch

Lee Moss A.C.C.A., B.A. (Hons.)

On the 19 November 2012, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will launch Universal Jobmatch, a new, free online job posting and matching service.

This exciting new development will be one of the largest jobsites in the UK, and will save you time, effort and money by speeding up your recruitment process.

From 19 November, you will need to post all your jobs online using Universal Jobmatch as it is replacing both the current Jobcentre Plus vacancy management services  – Employer Direct and Employer Direct Online.

By using new technology, Universal Jobmatch can quickly, easily and conveniently match your recruitment needs to a supply of suitably skilled jobseekers.

With your own Universal Jobmatch account you, can manage all aspects of your recruitment online and at your convenience. This includes:

– placing jobs and receiving a shortlist of suitable jobseekers;

– reviewing the jobs you are advertising;

– reviewing the CVs matched to your jobs;

– selecting the jobseekers you want to apply for jobs;

– exploring the number of potential jobseeker matches before posting a job;

– receiving an anonymous list ranked by best match first.

Jobcentre Plus advisers will provide support to unemployed jobseekers to improve their CVs, so that they represent themselves and their skills effectively. This will help to ensure the best matches to your jobs.

Universal Jobmatch will be accessed via GOV.UK


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  1. Well what a shambles! I have a job available at £24,000 pa and I can’t get it adverstised it on Universal jobmatch. 7 days until I get notification of my Gateway Account..what a joke!!!
    What Total jobs did in minutes, this lot can’t manage in days.

  2. Michael Fajinmi

     /  Thursday 22 November 2012

    Not very impressed with this new site. I registered my details but now can’t login as there is some sort of unexplained error

  3. There are certainly mixed reviews after the first week of Universal Jobmatch. A lot of job seekers cannot log on to the new site with any consistency. Once logged on, the site has a lot of bugs and glitches. However, once you are up and running, the site is supposedly much improved from previous incarnations (Job Centre Plus, etc.) with regards to sending CV to multiple jobs and refining your search criteria.
    We tend to look at it from the other side of the coin (employers looking to recruit). As we’ve heard, a government gateway id is required, which will take some time to sort. Once you have your log-in, however, it seems to work quite well. As with everything, the more you put in (description of the role, experience required), the more you will get out (more suitable candidates). Having said that, as with most other recruitment tools, expect to be contacted by agencies as much, if not more than job seekers themselves.


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